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KTM Freeride Concept : Everthing You Need To Know

KTM Freeride was quite big news last year, but somehow went into oblivion over the course of winter. The design of this motoMX electric bike surprised everyone – it still had an appeal of motocross bike with internal combustion engine, while electric power unit produced enough juice and reduced overall weight of the bike. The mass production should start in late 2011, and as it was first presented there will be two versions available: Offroad and Supermoto.

The bike should be one interesting ride as the Some specification is available like 30HP, 43Nm of torque and total weight of 90kg.
This is what the partnership between Ducati and AMG is all about. Fresh promotional video for newly launched Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe features a beautiful 848 EVO bike, probably one of the sexiest models from the whole Ducati range. And some subliminal messages are there as well. For example, the C63 is one of the smallest models from the AMG range, but again plenty quick and stunning car. 848 is in essence the same, one of the smallest bikes in Ducati range, but with 140HP, seriously quick.

As we saw till today, Diavel was connected to CLS AMG 63, and we would be too far from truth if we say that 1198 can be connected to SLS model from AMG. As this is a promotional video for the car, it’s not hard to guess who won the race on twisty and scenic roads. In the real life we would go for the bike, naturally 🙂 . But for the pure pleasure of listening to the sounds and looking at magnificent sights, you can go better that these two video clips we found for you. Enjoy.

First there were pictures. And then the teaser. Now, the complete thing – latest short film featuring gorgeous Keira Knightley for Coco Chanel’s perfume. Along sexy biker Keira, there is another nice object in the set, a cream Ducati 750SS, making this two bodies unified in complete harmony.

We bikers never liked our women too thin or too flat, but Keira is an exception to the rule 🙂 . Her charisma and sensuality leaves us speechless.…

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