Max Biaggi, Yet Again In Trouble

We know that Max Biaggi have a bad temper, but where is the limit to this, and when does his behavior becomes simply tasteless and rude? Max Biaggi stopped by Marco Melandri’s pit box after qualifiying, as they had couple of close moments on the track. Basically what happened, Max didn’t want to give way to Melandri while he was on his quick qualifying lap, and then Melandri did the same thing to him. Max didn’t spare other riders as well, and he managed to ruin Haga’s quick lap also.

What happened next in the pits is that Max gave Melandri a disciplinary slap! He tried hard to make it look like a friendly tap, but that was a full slap. Even Marco Melandri didn’t know how to react, as the cameras were rolling. For this unsportsmenlike conduct, Biaggi was fined for 3000 euro (not substantial enough for him not to do the same again) and Melandri went with a verbal warning from WSBK race direction. All in all this wasn’t enough to overshadow the dominance of Carlos Checa on his non factory Ducati.

Author: Chad C. Owens

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